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The voice of the
National Scout Jamboree

The pictures from 1997 are here!!

Request for Hometown Greetings form

home.jpg (10198 bytes)

Our home for 2 weeks

staff1.jpg (16938 bytes)

Some of the staff wait around for the
antenna to be raised, so that we can get on with work.

antenna.jpg (5298 bytes)

Finally the antenna goes up!!
Now the real work can begin...

meeting.jpg (14451 bytes)

Some of the crew at a staff meeting.

work.JPG (16319 bytes)

Here's the Q-Babe hard at work!!

remote2.JPG (13026 bytes)

Ed Evans, James Gavigan and I got to fly with the Golden Knights.
Ed did a live remote from 5,000 feet over Ft. A. P. Hill.

view.JPG (24862 bytes)

Talk about a view of the Jamboree, we had the best!

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