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Hometown Greetings for QBSA


A suggested script.


Feel free to adlib, improvise, add music, production effects, sound effects, anything you normally would do on the air, or in your own promos.


Greetings to everyone attending the Boy Scouts National Jamboree, from


____ (insert your name, Call letters etc) ______ and especially to the scouts and scouters


from ______(name of council or district, or region)_________.


We hope you have the time of your life this summer while you are attending the national


Scout Jamboree.  While you are here, keep your radio tuned to QBSA, the Voice of the


National Jamboree. But don’t forget us when you return home in August.




Some station slogans you might want to throw in:


QSBA, the Eagle has landed…….a really big one, right over there……..


QBSA, Blastin’ Stuff Atcha.


QBSA, The Eagle’s voice.


QBSA, the Eagle has landed.


Please feel free to improvise all you wish, and do as many cuts as you desire.


You may send the greetings on cassette to:

John Tudor

P. O. Box 1561

Morganton, NC, 28680


Or if you have the ability to send digital files via e-mail, send them to


I would like to have the promos by 7/18, so I can burn the digital files to CD, or bring the tapes along to the Jamboree, as I leave for Jamboree on 7/19


Thank you for your support of scouts, and scouting.

John Tudor, QBSA Jambo Radio